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Recent Work Made in Brazil

  • Tupi Tour

    Explores the presence of indigenous words in everyday Sao Paulo. Run time 09'10" - Co-Director/Director of Photography/Camera Opera

  • Rapidobijú

    A day in the life of a street vendor in Sao Paulo. Run time 01'00" - Co-Director/ Director of Photography/Camera Operator. Spoken in P

  • Com a Palavra São Paulo

    Visual poetry utilizing neon signs. Run time 01'00" - Co-Director/Director of Photography /Camera Operator. Poems in Portuguese.


    An invitation to the Telecommunicaion Sector to participate in the "Communications Brasil" Conference, the biggest event of it’s kind.

  • A Day in The LIfe of Itau Cultural Institute

    This corporate video highlights the day-to-day operations at this important cultural institution. 2006 – 03'3