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CompTV (Events)

Various work as Co-Director / Director of Photography / Camera Operator and Editor.

Video series produced for Competition Health Club (São Paulo – Brazil) and shown on their internal TV system. Average run time 7:00 – Creator/ Director/Director of Photography/Camera Operator.

Spoken in Portuguese. Carnival Fit, Kids Event, Pão de Açúcar Marathon, Infant Swim, Rave 2007, Spinning Day, Street Ball, Supine Championship, Triathlon Class, Family Day, Forró Fit.

Street Ball

Comp TV - Street Ball
I was the Director, Camera Operator and Audio Operator.

Triathlon Class

Triathlon Class. 4'19".
Family Day

Family Day. 7'51".
Forró Fit

Forró Fit. 6'20".
Carnival Fit

Carnival Fit 2006

Kids Event

Kids Event. 7'10".
Rave 2007

Rave 2007. 8'42".
Spinning Day

Spinning Day. 5'06".

Comp TV - Marathon