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Toca Brasil (Documentaries)

Various work as Director of Photography / Camera Operator.

A documentary series highlighting the local origins of selected bands that participated in the Itau Cultural Musical Programming venues. These documentaries were integrated into a compilation DVD that featured respective concerts and shows in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Director of Photography/Camera Operator.

Spoken in Portuguese.

People from the same Forest

People from the same Forest. 27'48".
Nei Lopes

Nei Lopes. 24'31".
Nei Lisboa

Nei Lisboa. 28'40".
Da. Edith do Prato

Da. Edith do Prato. 37'01".

Quaternaglia. 26'29".
Suzana Salles

Suzana Salles. 31'50".
Mantiqueira Band

Mantiqueira Band
Carmina Juarez

Carmina Juarez. 20'09".

Escurinho. 17'02".
Pequi Band

Pequi Band. 21'26".

Berimbrown. 25'21".
Katia B

Katia B. 35'55".

Mombojó. 28'54".
Siba and the Fuloresta

Siba and the Fuloresta. 38'31".